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Make your links more appealing and organized

Huddle your links easily.

Custom branding for your business.

Detailed metrics for your marketing.

LinkHuddle is for you

Whichever industry or businesses are you in LinkHuddle is reliable and provides a good solution for your market.

Mentors and Coaches

Mentors and Coaches

Share your huddled links of learning materials and contact details to potential client or your existing mentee or student.

Social Media Marketing Managers

Social Media Marketing Managers

Managing your social media deliverables would be so much effective by promoting branded links and curating some of the best resources for your market.

Business owners and Entrepreneurs

Business owners and Entrepreneurs

Let your brand be recognized through customized links and organized lists of content you can share to your clients.

Content Creators

Content Creators

Level up your personal branding using LinkHuddle to shorten and customized links of your content that fits perfectly on your social media pages.


Link Shortener

Make long links look cleaner and easier to share with your audience.

Links Huddle

Huddle multiple links into a single link and make it more attractive.

Detailed Metrics

Collect and extract information about the visitor from links.

Referer Anonymize

Minimize your digital footprint by hiding the referrer when linking to external websites.

Remove Tracking

Automatically strips tracking elements such as UTM parameters, FBCLID, etc from URL to help protect visitors privacy.

Zone Lockdown

Targeted zones that make your A/B testing or demographics scopes more effective.

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